• SUBFORGE employees Health and Safety is the primary concern of the company.
  • Consequences of the actions of Subforge employees to the environment are monitored and follow strict requirements such as: promote electronic formats at all time, recycle all materials possible, maintain perfect cleanliness and hygiene of the working place, acquire re-usable & refurbishable material at all time.
  • Investments in action favoring HSE for the benefit of employees, clients and environment are also one of the priorities at SUBFORGE, typically: safety equipment, low emission screens, adapted chairs and tables improving human body position while working, respect of decent and recommanded working hours lowering the risks of burn-out and other related physiological risks related, are just some examples.
  • SUBFORGE partners, suppliers and clients all must comply to the basic requirements of HSE as recommanded or exceeding the regulators requirements.
  • SUBFORGE is concerned by countries / suppliers not imposing the minimum requirements of HSE for the respect of the human person and the environment, and would not enter into contracts with such partners / suppliers / clients.
  • SUBFORGE production facilities are all compliant with the following norms: EN ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007