• SUBFORGE provides design services, interpretation of standards and ready to install products for all types of flanges listed by API 6A and API 17D.
  • Non standard sizes, pressures and loads exceeding codes are customary designed: SWIVELS, WN, MAF, BLINDS & SPACERS, NIPOFLANGES, FLANGEOLETS, SWEEPOFLANGES.
  • SUBFORGE EVOLUTIVE DESIGN guarantees user of the lightest design for higher performances and easier manipulation at installation.
  • Design standards: API 6A,API 17D, API TR 6AF, API TR 6AF2, ASME VIII DIV. 2
  • SUBFORGE integral supply is delivered with calculation notes and FEA’s where strength, sealing capability, bolt capacity and fatigue resistance are assessed
  • API tables defines Outside Diameters exceeding the outside diameters of standard pipes material.

    – SUBFORGE offers the options of delivering the API Flanges as follow:

    – API original OD and Face to Face dimension c/w a tapered bore transition piece to be welded by clients or SUBFORGE

    – API integrated, Monobloc, transition piece respecting the required Face to Face dimension of the API code at the API OD finished with extra length finish BW end as per client’s pipe OD dimension.